PadSport is about Putting the FUN in Training

Agility Drills for Kids

Some 35 million kids a year participate in organized sports, and part of a kid’s development is developing coordination, fine and gross motor skills, nimbleness, speed and confidence. PadSport produces agility monitoring products that are designed to make practice engaging, fun, and to help children reach their full potential.

Our PadSport solutions can be used with almost any sport.

PadSport Connects the Unconnected

  • PadSport Gameifies
  • PadSport is a full platform
  • PadSport is easy to use to generate new training/games/exercise
  • PadSport provides a Low Cost platform
  • PadSport provides ways for users to ‘show’ status while learning
  • PadSport provides a way for users to compare and rank their relative performance
  • PadSport provides clear levels for user progression as they learn
  • PadSport includes elements that encourage competition
  • PadSport provides digital immersion to the best extent possible as a learning tool
  • PadSport allows for sharing and personalization with coach or parent

PadSport products are engaging, fun, and data driven to create result oriented learning.

Make the Move

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